PRINCE EDWARD NORTH PASTORAL CHARGE, Friendship United Church Meeting January 14, 2021

Amended Minutes of December 3rd, 2020 – add the four organizations whom received donations by FUC from the Outreach for 2020 and adjust the maturation date of the 1 year GIC as per Florence Aman.

Rev Barb gave her minister’s report.


December 31st, 2020 General Account Financial Statement (Florence): Moved by Bob to accept the report as presented, this seconded by John Tomlinson, motion carried.

Discussion followed about Zoom calls- and the need for a (guaranteed) credit card for Rev. Barb to avoid her having to absorb that cost herself temporarily.

Moved by Bev to obtain a credit card to cover the zoom costs with a limit of $1500 – $2000, this seconded by Bob, motion carried. Florence will follow the details up with the bank.

Date decided for the 2021 Financial Budget Planning. It will be January 30th, 2021 at 1000 am and be done via the Zoom platform. This must be done prior to the next PENPC Board Meeting February 4th, 21.

Memorial Fund (Sherrie): No new changes.

Manse Account (Tina): Balance as January 14th, 2021 is $9,217.97.

Operations (Committees):

Building Committee- (Bob/Paul): Bob read a letter he sent to the editor of the Picton Gazette for the public about all the upgrades/improvements made to Friendship with the Faithful Footprints Grant. Well done Bob.

Fundraising (Bev/Janet): Still have ‘beans’ for sale.

Covid 19 Committee: No new submissions. Presently we are on the Zoom platform as amid another lockdown and following the Public Health Guidelines.

M&P Committee: updated in December 2020.

Other Business (Tina):

  • ‘Lovesong’ letter- received from the Emmanuel Baptist Church.
  • Can check the website for specifics, Emmanuel started it back in 2016.
  • PEC- the township took charge (50 units with 5 short term rental/respite).
  • The County of PE purchased the property from the Board of Education and had to raise funds.
  • Ownership now transferred to the Emmanuel Baptist Church, whom wish to move forward with the renovations and are reaching out for community financial support.
  • Any further discussion may take part during the January 30th, 2021 Budget Meeting at 10:00 am.