FROM: CONCORDIA SEMINARY LENTEN SERMON SERIES 2021: O Love, how deep, how broad, how high

Ash Wed Genesis 2:7–9; 3:17–24 “High Love, Down in the Dust”
Though we are but dust, God has loved
us greatly, knowing from the beginning
that our creation would cost him the
suffering and death of His beloved Son.

Lent 1 Matthew 6:25–34 “Love So Rich in Provision”
In his great love, God richly provides me
with all that I need to support this body
and life.

Lent 2 1 Peter 1:13–21 “Love that Spares No Cost”
In his great love, Christ redeemed me
not with gold or silver but with his precious blood.

Lent 3 Luke 24:44–49 “Love that Comes in Many Ways”
In his great love, God’s Spirit richly and
repeatedly bestows His forgiveness
through diverse means of grace.

Lent 4 Micah 7:18–20 “Love that Deals Thoroughly with Sin”
God’s mercy is enormous: the Bible describes His forgiving of our sins in many ways.

Lent 5 Jonah 3:1–4:4; 4:11 “Love So Broad”
God’s love is enormous, extending to every sinner and every nation in the world