Friendship United Church and Wesley United Church are looking for you! We want to offer you a warm welcome, and the opportunity to meet and grow in body and spirit.
For many years these churches have faithfully ministered to the needs of the residents of this community. They are a place for weddings, funerals and baptisms; a place to hear about God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ; and a place to help children grow in body and spirit, respecting themselves and others.
They are a place to learn the 10 Commandments, the Golden Rule and to share seasonal celebrations, like Christmas and Easter. They are a place of prayer and guidance. They continue to be a place where people can worship and share love and hope with one another. Now, as always, they provide inspiration to all who enter the doors.
Today these churches are committed to help people like you and me to struggle with what it means to be a man or woman or child living in our world, with all its novelty and uncertainty. Our churches are changing to help meet the needs of today.
Please come and join us and experience these changes , and see if we can help you experience in greater measure the fullness of life that Gods means you to enjoy.
Why not bring your child (or grandchild) and let him or her experience our warmth and care, and learn about God.